Microphone Archive

Gameobject manipulation by microphone input in Unity3D

Long time ago I made some tutorials about using microphone input to manipulate different aspects of GameObjects inside Unity3D. I’ve since developed the code further and put it available on Unity Asset Store, so if you’re not in the mood for learning all the kinks through the tutorials, just head to http://u3d.as/8P4 and grab Manipulatr [&hellip

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Fundamental frequencies and detecting notes

After new year festivities it’s time to get back to my series of Unity3D tutorials. This time, I’ll show you how to extract the fundamental, or strongest, frequency in a mixed-signal input such as coming from a microphone into Unity3D. Then we’ll look into how you can compare them to notes from a bass or [&hellip

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Using microphone input in Unity3D

Recently I was asked if it was possible to spawn objects in Unity3D based on audio input from a bass guitar. My answer was along the lines of “yeah, why not?” and so I was tasked to do it. I already knew, that there is microphone class in Unity and there is even usage example [&hellip

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