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FGJ14 Personal Post Mortem: project “Chip Away”

Such jam. After a long while, I’m back to blogging business and this time it is time for a quick post mortem of this year’s Finnish Game Jam or Global Game Jam, whatever you want to call it. Our project was called Chip Away, mainly because of chiptune music that was going to be in [&hellip

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Silent Buddhist Chase

Now that’s one strange name for a game and I must admit that is randomly generated. It’s now 8:35 on Sunday morning and I’ve been up for the last 16 hours after four hours sleep. Before that I stayed awake for about 34 hours. Why? Global Game Jam. That’s why. This year I wanted to [&hellip

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Car-O-Boros is a game we made during Global Game Jam 2012 in 48 hours. We decided to set additional challenge for us and since we were told that you cannot make a racing game in 48 hours we decided to make that happen. I was in charge of the audio engine integration and programming related [&hellip

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