Car-O-Boros is a game we made during Global Game Jam 2012 in 48 hours. We decided to set additional challenge for us and since we were told that you cannot make a racing game in 48 hours we decided to make that happen. I was in charge of the audio engine integration and programming related to it while also composing the music and building the sound effects for the game. I also helped to tweak the physics because I had some extra time at hand. I had 12 available audio channels for this in FMOD and I ended up using ten of them for the music, that means not all of the crashing sounds get played, which is a bummer. It was a quick and dirty hack to get procedural, pre-composed music into the game – the music builds up the faster your lap time is. If your latest lap is slower than previous, the game ends. And if you drive fast enough, the music changes to something almost completely different. The 3D engine used here is Kajak3D, physics are handled by Bullet and the audio middleware is FMOD.

You can download the game from