Hi there!

I’m Teppo Kauppinen, a 28 year old engineer and jack of all trades from Finland. This site is a showcase of what I do and hopefully I can provide some useful information in addition to some tips and tricks about topics like game programming, server administration, sound desing and electronics.

I’ve studied software business at University of Oulu and I’ve got BSc. in software engineering from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. During my journey through life, I’ve been programming, designing electronics, playing piano and guitar – heck, I’ve even been a DJ playing in front of hundreds of people just to earn some extra bacon to top my bread. I’ve worked on several computer game projects doing programming, scripting, writing and sound design, including composing music and creating sound effects. What was my first game project? It was a simple dodgeball-style game for Commodore VIC-20 back in the day when I could barely read – good times. In addition to that, I’ve been a keen photographer since my high school days where I learned to develop my own b&w films. Nowadays I’m also learning more and more about video production, thanks to having a proper Full-HD gear at my disposal.

I’m always interested in new challenges and possibilities to develop myself. That’s why I’m member in local chapter of Junior Chamber International, where I’m currently in charge of our chapter’s internal and external communications as local information officer in addition to being member of our chapter’s strategy planning team. In 2013 I’m regional information officer for JCI Finland’s northern region – region D. I’ve also won JCI Finland Public Speaking Championship in 2012 and was representing my national organization at World Public Speaking Championship – European Championship held in Braunschweig, Germany.

Got an interesting new venture, business proposal or need for a keynote speaker? Drop me a line: teppo [at] kaappine.fi